Climb and Sail - Steigen and Stetind

25,700 NOK

august 21 - 28. august 2024

8 days

Join us climbing and sailing among Norway's national treasures! We sail from island to mountain, to experience, see and learn. We play in the wind, in the water, in the fjord, in the archipelago and in the high mountains!

This trip offers some of the most amazing and beautiful nature experiences Norway has to offer. For quite a while we have wanted to offer a trip where we sail from mountain to mountain, and climb some of the most beautiful peaks in the area. We are now casting off, and docking at the entrance to some of Norway's most spectacular climbing tours!

Moving around by sailboat is the best way to travel in these areas, and it is very convenient. From the sailboat close to land we can admire and study the mountains we are ascending, and then we just go ashore and up there.
Are you ready for next year's sailing and climbing adventure ?!

We start this trip in Svolvær and end in Bodø. First we sail to Steigen and through Mannshausen, the expedition island of Børge Ousland, a very good starting point for climbing the nearby Nordskott-traverse. This is an airy, but manageable climb, which will give us a good idea of what is waiting in the mountains later in the week.

From Nordskott we continue to Hamarøy and Hamarøyskaftet, which is our next mountain to climb on this trip. This is a very special mountain in north-Norway; only 613 meters high, but still airy and with a great view.
From Hamarøy, the trip continues northwards and we pass by Tranøy Lighthouse, were we’ll possibly go ashore to have a look around.

The main objective of the trip is Stetind, Norway's national mountain! As an ambolt in granite it is towering Tysfjord, and even atheists can become religious by the sight of the mighty giant. We have skilled guides along the way and they will take us safely to the top of all the peaks.

If you want to experience the best of this area, then this is the trip for you! On our trips you get the variety and combination of pleasant evenings in the boat and mind-blowing mountain experiences during the daytime!

On this trip we will use our Humla sailing boat. Pictures and more information about our boats can be found here.

The ugliest mountain I ever saw!

Cecil William Slingsby

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