Island hopping & the Træna Music Festival

24,600 NOK

juli 5 - 14. juli 2024

10 days

Welcome to a unique sailboat experience through the islands on the Helgeland coast! For the 13th consecutive year we invite you to this magnificent trip through the stunning Vega archipelago with it’s thousands of islands, islets and reefs. In the middle of our own “food buffet” - the sea itself, we fish and prepare good meals along the way. The tour ends with the annual Træna Music Festival; the world's most beautiful festival.

Since we first sailed to Træna in 2010, this trip has been the highlight of the summer for both us in SeilNorge and to many of those who have joined us. The island hopping trip to Træna has become a legendary summer adventure where we sail 7-8 boats together each year.

“Island magic” and sailing in the archipelago, the many boats, the exciting people from many corners of the world, and music at Norway's best festival - these are some of the highlights of this trip!

We start the trip on the famous Himmelblå Island Ylvingen. From there further through the Vega-islands archipelago where we navigate smoothly among the many thousands of islands, islets and reefs.

We continue with a hike on the Seven Sisters mountains before attending the Træna Ocean Race, an annual sail regatta to Træna on the opening day of the music festival. For the whole week there will be midnightsun-sailing and a fantastic summer light.

All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, that's what you will do.

Like on all our tours, you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- as well as friends for life!

Join us for the highlight of the summer!

Watch our short film from this trip here and get inspired!

In the summertime we sail in a fleet of all our boats. See pictures and read more about our boats here.

For an adventurous storytelling about Træna and the music festival you can read the very well written and fun “A Poor Man’s Connoisseur Coastal Guide To A Magical World, Far Up North, And How The Helvete To Get There” here.

In over 6 months of traveling the world, Sail Norway stands out as one of the major highlights of all our adventures. We originally signed on with the intention to learn how to sail and see the northern Norwegian coastline, but what we got was so much more than that. We anchored amid Eider duck inhabited islands under a full rainbow, ate gourmet meals cooked by our fellow shipmates, had dance parties under the midnight sun, and made friends with an amazing group of like-minded adventure-lovers. It didn't feel like any type of "adventure tourism" we've done before - we felt like we'd been invited to spend a week on a boat with a bunch of our buddies and learning to sail was the icing on the cake. The skippers were all very experienced sailors who were not only great teachers, but fun people to be around. We can't wait to come back soon for the Ski and Sail trip!

Charlotte Genevier

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