Arctic Summer Sail - explore Steigen and Lofoten with sailboat!

21,900 NOK

juni 6 - 13. juni 2024

8 days

Welcome to an unforgettable and active holiday week where we will get to experience the very best that Steigen, Hamarøy, and Lofoten have to offer! On this trip, we will sail across Vestfjorden and seek out the nicest places this magnificent island kingdom has to offer. We will explore and discover by sailboat, and arrive in Lofoten the proper way: by boat and sail!

With a full week at our disposal in this wild part of the coast, we will enjoy ourselves every single day. We get to see the mountain ranges from different angles in both daylight and the midnight sun, which guarantees a spectacular experience. With our sailboat, we are flexible and get around easily, and we get close to nature, people and widlife.

During the trip we will go for walks on land, fish, kayak, surf, and make bonfires on the shore when we can. We will also visit some historically important places and some of the best places to eat that these areas have to offer. There will be many good times both in the boats and on land, and you will get to know the area well.

We start the trip in Bodø, and sail our way up and into the many islands in the archipelago off Leinesfjord and Nordskot. After a stop at Nordskot, we sail on to Hamarøy with a course for the Tranøy lighthouse. From Tranøy we cross the Vestfjord itself towards Skrova and Henningsvær, and from here the trip continues out through the Lofoten wall and to the "outside" of Lofoten. In Lofoten we sail to both well-known and secret places, including Skrova, Unstad, Nusfjord, Henningsvær, and more!

During this trip, there will be the opportunity to participate in both planned and unplanned excursions and extra activities in the places where we land, such as kayaking in the archipelago of Nordskot and surfing at Unstad Arctic Surf. It is up to you to decide which activities you feel like participating in along the way! If one day you would rather take it easy on the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing, then of course you can do that! Like on all our trips, you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- as well as friends for life!

On our summer trips, we often sail several of the boats along. Read more about our boats here.

The week before this trip we sail from Træna to Bodø, and the week after this trip we will be sailing in Lofoten.

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! I experienced many wonderful moments on my trip, and also met wonderful people on the ocean and in the mountains. I thought the crew were excellent at creating a good environment, and you really got the feeling you were on a trip with friends. The captain was great and i remember thinking to myself that SailNorway is a combination of professional, pragmatic, happy and including. I'd recommend travelling with SailNorway any day!


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