Ski & Sail Svalbard with Valiente

45,800 NOK

mai 10 - 16. mai 2024

7 days

Welcome to one of our most exclusive trips so far. When the skiing season is about to end in mainland Norway, it’s at it’s best in the arctic archipelago of Svalbard! The sun is back and shining 24 hours a day, animals are back and thriving and the snow-conditions are perfect, so May’s a fantastic time in Svalbard.

Svalbard can offer fjords, mountains and vast wilderness areas that are still untouched by human activity even now in our time. The traces we find in the nature here are not from people, but from the polar fox, seals, birds, reindeer or the queen of these lands, the polar bear! On this trip we’ll be accompanied by the wild animals and the elements; air, ocean and ice in every way - from sea ice, to glaciers and snow we can ski in all forms.

With 7 days at hand we have time to get to know the Isfjord. And if the weather forecast allows us we have the alternative of navigating out of the Isfjord basin and up along the north-west coast of the island Spitsbergen to the next majestic fjords. How far we sail each day to ski will of course be due to weather and snow-conditions along the way.

We will experience and explore raw nature, ski-tour and get tired and pumped, and eat and drink well. We use the dinghy to shore, put on our skis and skins at the beach, hike up and ski down a mountainside that few others have skied before us. Everything is set for an awesome trip!

The ski touring we do during this week will be planned with everyone the day before. After a day’s hike and ski we relax in the boat with warm and good food, before we sail to the next fjord, harbour or anchorage.

With us onboard on this trip we bring certified ski-guides with several years of experience with this type of ski-touring in Svalbard.

This trip starts and ends in Longyearbyen, the main city of Svalbard. See the day-to-day program for more information. 

On our trips we travel as sustainable as possible, we will use our sails as much as possible without using engine, and we try to not leave any lasting traces at sea or land. In SailNorway we are engaged in taking care of the environment as much as we can and we think that smaller sailing boats with fewer people and little pollution and waste, are way less harmful to the environment, the climate and local wildlife, compared to bigger vessels and cruise ships. We do also try to clean up plastic in the places we visit instead of leaving any trash. At Svalbard we follow AECOs regulations for encountering with wildlife, beach cleaning, cultural heritage sites and for visitors and tourist operators in the Arctic. You can read more about AECO’s guidelines here.

Epic. Epic. Epic. As a skier and a outdoors-man it is impossible not to dream of Svalbard. There is also a very special light and skiing opportunities long into the summer.


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