The best of Ylvingen, Vega and the South of the Helgeland - 5 days

13,200 NOK

juli 23 - 27. juli 2023

5 days

Sail among the islands of Vega whilst you have Ylvingen as a base camp Sail around the Vega islands and have Himmelblå - “Blue Sky” - as a base camp. This is a trip for those who want to immerse themselves in the island kingdom of Helgeland by sailboat, and experience the best this area has to offer on land, in the water, above and below, high and low.

This is a trip for those of you who want to sail, paddle, walk, and cycle, and at the same time enjoy the tranquility of island-life. We promise that you will experience many new things, and get the chance to challenge yourself during the week.

What makes this trip different from our other Sail Norway trips is that you sleep in accommodation ashore, with solid ground under your feet.

Where it all started
The beautiful island of Ylvingen is the place where the Sail Norway adventure began. The founder, Emil Casper, wanted to show his friends and other travelers the beauty of Helgeland, and from this emerged the idea of Sail Norway. Emil’s family comes from Ylvingen, and Ylvingen has always been Sail Norway’s home port. 

Several Sail Norway trips visit Ylvingen and Himmelblå during the year. However, this trip is our first ever that will have Ylvingen and Himmelblå as the starting point for the entire trip. There is something very special about this small island, and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Who is this tour suitable for?
You can travel alone or together with someone. You will quickly get to know the other participants, as we will spend the week living in close quarters and getting to know each other. As on all our trips and activities, you will make new friends for life!

We hope to see many different people here; girls and boys, women and men, of different ages and from different backgrounds, with a common desire to experience the Helgeland coast in an active way. The sailing does not require any special prior knowledge, nor that you are in top physical shape, but it is an advantage that you are prepared for an active week and ready to live close together with other adventurous people.


About Himmelblå Brygge
Himmelblå Brygge is Sail Norway's stationary base and home port. Each day we start the morning right outside our door, on Himmelblå quay, with a refreshing morning bath.

This is included in the price

  • All activities

  • All meals

  • Bed in shared room, with access to bathroom with shower and toilet

  • Sauna

  • Hot tub

  • Common areas

  • Water, coffee, tea

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