Sailingweekend to Denmark and Skagen

11,300 NOK

september 7 - 10. september 2023

4 days

Get wind in your sails, salt water in your hair and experiences of a lifetime with SeilNorge. Replace the Danish boat with a sailboat and join a potentially fierce but safe sailing across the Skagerak to lovely Skagen.

For us, our closest sea area in the south, Skagerak, is an excellent place to try out ocean sailing for the first time, log more nautical miles on the open sea, practice night sailing and try out what it's like to go on watch through the night. Join us and get wind in your hair on a mini-expedition to our nearest holiday country in the south; Denmark!

This trip offers around 280 nm out sailed distance, where we are mostly in utaskjær's waters. The trip starts in Oslo on Thursday before lunch, so we get off to a good start and out to sea before it gets dark. Through the night we sail across the Skagerak and arrive well into Friday, in good time for dinner on land in Skagen. Then we return the same way we came.

Of course, we always bet on good sailing, and a crossing of the Skagerrak is always a memorable experience. Standing on duty at dawn with a cup of coffee in hand, sailing a good reach with good speed straight towards Skagen's sandy beaches, is a wonderful experience that we cannot describe well enough!

Whether you're looking for a different weekend trip, have a long-distance sailing dream in your stomach, want to take your family or a date on a vigorous experience, or just want to cross Skagerrak off your bucket list, this is the trip for you!

This is a proper sailing trip for those who want to experience the high seas. There can be potentially intense conditions, but the advantage of the trips to Denmark is that it is not that far. On these trips we sail through the night, so from SeilNorge we provide both skipper and co-skipper on these trips.

As on all our trips, you will learn to sail, you will have challenges, you will feel a sense of mastery, and you will have memorable experiences for life! You don't need sailing experience to join, but if you have a lot of sailing experience you are also welcome; if you are a first-timer, we want to make you a sailor/woman, and if you are experienced, you will have more responsibility and greater challenges to sharpen your skills. This is an excellent opportunity to test out touring sails and to get out of the safe embrace of the Oslo Fjord.


On this trip we sail our "Oslo boat" VakiVaki. Read more about our boats here.


So far, we have tentatively taken up the fight with Hurtigruten up the coast of Northern Norway. And now the competition with the Danish ferry from Oslo to Denmark is on! :)
Join this summer's new trip from Oslo to Skagen!

Johannes (Seilnorge)

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