Sailing the Oslofjord - to Færder Fyr and Verdens ende

11,300 NOK

juni 1 - 4. juni 2023

4 days

SeilNorge invites you to a long weekend in the Ytre - Oslofjord archipelago! Inner Oslofjord is all well and good, but it's out by the sea where adventure awaits! Join this long-weekend trip through the archipelagos in both inner and outer Oslofjord. We promise wind in the sails, salt water in the hair and educational trip experiences you will remember for a long time!

If you live in Eastern Norway, you certainly don't have to travel far for great sailing experiences on the fjord and fun island sailing and archipelago. Both inner and outer Oslofjord have a lot to offer, and on this trip we offer a good mix of both fjord sailing, island hopping and navigation between the islands in the outer Oslofjord. This is the trip for those who want to get to know both the inner and outer Oslofjord better, for those who want to learn more sailing or test out whether sailing can become your new favorite hobby, and for those who just need a good break from the hustle and bustle and want to go on a trip!

We start the trip from Kongen Marina in Oslo in the afternoon and sail off into the afternoon sun. The goal for the trip is Færder Lighthouse and the end of the world in the south, a distance of approximately 150 nm. On the Vestfold side, we sail up between the islands and past Sandøsund and Hvasser, through Færder Lighthouse and to the End of the World. From here we cross over to the eastfold side, to Hankø, and through Hankøsund, before sailing home past both Rauer and Jeløya, Drøbaksundet and Oscarsborg.

During the weekend we will sail a lot, but we will also set aside time to go ashore, enjoy the beautiful places we pass, eat good food and make new friends.

As on all our trips, you will learn to sail, you will have challenges, you will feel a sense of mastery, and you will have memorable experiences for life! You don't need sailing experience to join, but if you have a lot of experience from a sailboat, you are also welcome to join. If you are a first-timer, we want to make you a sailor/woman, and if you are experienced, you will have more responsibility and greater challenges to sharpen your skills.

This trip is a good opportunity to test out sailing, and to sail out of the safe embrace of the Oslofjord. And in between action-packed sailing, we take time for cozy meals, anchorages in the outer harbor and to simply enjoy the fjord and the sea.

On this trip we sail our Oslo boat; WakiWaki. A good sailing boat and touring boat that has already been around the world. Here, there are many exciting stories in the sails!

So far, we have tentatively taken up the fight with Hurtigruten up the coast of Northern Norway.
Join this summer's new trip in the Oslofjord!

Johannes (Seilnorge)

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