Across Vestfjorden; Bodø - Værøy - Røst

15,800 NOK

juni 7 - 11. juni 2023

5 days

New trip! A long weekend packed with experiences and action, where we will feel the forces of nature and appreciate our sails. We will cross Vestfjorden and visit fishing villages and some very special islands. On this trip, both new and experienced sailors get a real challenge, while we test our strength when we are crossing Vestfjorden, the “Westfjord”. Are you ready for new sailing challenges?

Seeing an iconic part of Northern Norway, in the authentic way from the sea, is a great experience. 

A “vær”, a fishing village, are small collections of islands and reefs, inhabited or formerly inhabited, which are so close together that it is possible to travel between the islands by small boats, even in bad weather and gale. On this voyage we will feel the weather, the forces of nature, and we will learn to sail while we visit islands and small settlements. With daylight for 24 hours per day, you will see and experience a lot! 

We start and end the trip in Bodø, and if weather treats us well, the plan is to sail back and forth across the Vestfjord during the weekend. The first leg will be a warm-up sailing to the fishing village of Fleinvær just outside Bodø. Day two we get ready for a full day of sailing across the Vestfjord, and during the trip we visit Værøy with its mountain peaks and the beautiful island of Røst, with millions of seabirds. And of course we have to sail around the lighthouse at Skomvær, at the far end of Lofoten, before we cross the Vestfjord again and sail back towards Bodø.

As on all our trips, you will learn to sail, you will have challenges, you will feel a sense of victory, and you will have memorable experiences for life! And make new friends. You don't need sailing experience to join. If this is your first time sailing, we want to make you a sailor, and if you are experienced, you will have more responsibility and greater challenges to sharpen your skills. In between sailing, we will also make nice meals, anchor up nice places, fish (our own meal?!?) and enjoy nature and life on board! 

On this trip we will be accompanied by 1-2 boats. Read more about our boats here.

A fun, inspiring and exciting way of exploring one of the most beautiful places of our planet - especially in that gorgeous weather we were treated with. Learned not only about sailing but about the way of life, history and culture of this pearl of northern Norway. As a cherry on top, we had an amazing group of people on board, including our fantastic skippers!

Kati Temonen

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