Surf, Ski & Sail - The Lofoten winter bucket-list

30,500 NOK

mars 11 - 17. mars 2024

7 days

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure Lofoten has to offer during winter? A combination of both Surfing, Skiing and Sailing, through a week packed with activity and experiences? This sailing-adventure is for you who want to sail to the roadless fjords and ski Lofoten’s alpine peaks, right down to the shore. This trips is for you that want to try out the world-famous winter waves of Lofoten with the surfboard, and afterwards sail on the same sea. It is a trip for travelers wanting a more challenging holiday - for those who would like to experience something unique, wild, breathtaking and beautiful!

Lofoten offers a huge variety of activities, and during winter they’re all at their peak! On the outside of the “Lofoten-wall”, (Yttersida, the “outside”), the ocean swells roll onto the shore, creating some of the world's greatest surf. The mountains in the east of Lofoten are known for their alpine peaks and are some of the rawest places Norway has to offer for ski-touring. All this with a backdrop of blazing northern light in the sky above us, and plentiful fish in the sea beneath us. Through all this adventure and experience, we have a cozy and comfortable sailboat to call our home on water for the week.

During the week we will have two full days of ski touring, where we ascend and experience some of the best ski mountains in the world. Between trips we will sail short distances in the fjords, from one mountain to another. Austnesfjorden, Geitgaljertind and Trollfjorden are some of the areas and trips we hope to get to visit. On board with us we will have our own locally-knowledgeable ski guide who will be our guide on the days we ski. The mountains and trips we choose will be planned according to the skill level of the group, weather, and the conditions in general.

This trip is more than a “normal” Ski and Sail adventure. Here we will also set course further west in the Lofoten archipelago, towards Unstad and Flakstad, where we find some of Norway’s most beautiful sand beaches. This is also where we’ll find the best conditions for surfing, and where we’ll spend two days playing around in the waves with the surfboards. Thick wet-suits and professional instructors from Unstad Arctic Surf will ensure that this is a refreshing and action filled experience! Our partners in Unstad will provide us with equipment for the surfing and instructors for this winter-surf, which are all included in the price of the trip.

This is an active trip with full focus on the experiences the wild Norwegian nature has to offer, whether it is behind the helm, in the waves with the surfboard, or with skis on your feet. We can wait until we’re back home to be sore and tired! :) 


For most of our winter trips we sail two boats together. The number of boats during each trip depends on the number of participants. If we have enough participants for two boats we also have more flexibility to split the group up according to skill level and experience. For this specific trip, this will be relevant both for the ski-tours and the surfing.

The trip starts and ends in Svolvær. 

The boats we will be using for this trip are “Humla”, “Bien” and “Nirvana”, our 50- and 44-foot Bavarias. These boats are very comfortable and have enough space for 6-7 participants in addition to a skipper and guide/crew.

Read more about our boats here.

For more articles and information about Ski and Sail, check out our blog here.

This is a concept we have really looked forward to getting the chance to join! A unique bucket-list trip with both surf, ski and sail in amazing Lofoten during winter-time. Sail Norway offers the most fun and memorable sailing experiences in Norway, both summer and winter, and we are sure this new concept will be all the way up there!

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