Wintersailing with northern lights and whales, from Tromsø to Skjervøy

20,900 NOK

januar 22 - 28. januar 2024

7 days

Our winter trips are a great chance to kick-start the sailing year. So bring your woolen long johns (a little Norwegian secret to staying warm in the winter!) and get ready for this raw and honest trip during the arctic winter! The most special thing about these trips in the winter season is all the magical light and the teeming life in the sea, which offer us the craziest #nofilter experiences all day long. We sail a full week from Tromsø to Skjervøy and Northern Troms, to hopefully find the winter feeding grounds of the whales!

This is a trip for those of you who want to sail along the rawest and most alpine coastline of Norway during the harshest time of year, looking for whales and northern lights. Winter sailing offers beautiful light and colours, and on the boat we are far from street lights and other forms of light pollution. Hopefully the dancing northern lights will join us on our trip!

We sail from Tromsø, and spend a week along the coast of North-Troms, around Skjervøy and Kvænangen. Where we will search for whales and northern lights, and hope to sail under the blazing auroras by night and together with the orcas and humpbacks by day! You will also learn a lot about sailing, the sea, and the areas we sail through. 

On this trip we try to spend some days playing with the orcas and humpback whales which gather every year along the coast of Troms, where they feed on the herring that comes into the fjords. For many years we’ve found the whales around the fjords outside of Kvaløya, but in recent years they have gathered further north, around Skjærvøy. The weather forecast for the week, and location of the herring, will determine where we search for the whales.


As on all our trips you don’t need to know how to sail to participate, and you will learn alot about sailing along the way. If you are a skilled sailor you will be challenged and trusted, and if you are a beginner you will learn a lot. This is a perfect chance for those of you who want to test out winter sailing, learn more about nighttime navigation, and sail under the different wind- and weather conditions the winter season offers. If you only want to join an unforgettable trip and sail during the arctic winter, you are very welcome aboard as well!


Our experienced skipper will make sure you get a safe and memorable experience, and our co-skipper will contribute with knowledge about the areas we sail through and the sea. As part of our crew you get the chance to try out all aspects of sailing: at the helm, hoisting the sails, making food under sail, navigating, taking a morning swim, gutting fish, serving “anchor drinks”, tying knots etc.; the complete sailing experience!

On this trip we will use our sailing boats Humla and Bien. Pictures and more information about these boats can be found here.

The boat; Humla, was very good and perfectly suited to what we wanted to do. The skipper; Trygve was perfect. And the site; let's just say that you live in a paradise on the sea! I would very much like to continue collaborating with Seil Norge for future trips to Norway.

Stephanie, Wild Seas Explorer

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