Wintersailing with northern lights and photography

21,800 NOK

januar 15 - 21. januar 2024

7 days

Our wintertime photography sailing trips have been very popular, so bring your woolen underwear and get ready for new photo tours this winter! The most special thing about these trips is all the magical light and the teeming life in the sea, which gives offer us the craziest #nofilter experiences hour after hour. On this trip we sail a whole week from the capitol of Lofoten; Svolvær all the way to the “Paris of the North”; Tromsø, via Senja, Andøya and Vesterålen.

This is a trip for those of you who want to take the most “badass” pictures of Norway’s rawest nature, during the harshest season. For those of you who want to sail through Northern Norway in the very special winter light with your camera always ready. While the batteries are charging under deck you will be learning how to sail underway. Winter sailing in the north is a unique experience and by combining it with photography we maximize our use of the day. We are always ready to take the best pictures at the perfect time, completely free of street lights or other light pollution.

During this trip we sail from Svolvær and spend one week northbound along the coast, all the way to Tromsø. On the way we will explore the areas of Vesterålen, Andøya, Senja and Southern Troms. We hope to find northern lights, and will definitely learn more about sailing and photography, as well as the areas we sail through.

Our experienced skipper will take care of the sailing instruction and navigation, while adventure photographer Norris Niman will lead the photo expedition with lots of fun and interesting content. 

Norbert van Niman (Norris) is an inspiring photographer with a varied background and long experience, and we know he will share his best tricks for capturing good memories and shots. With his wide experience as a professional photographer and with an interest in remote and rugged nature, he will inspire and guide you to take first-class pictures of the surroundings in the wild winter of Northern Norway. We are looking forward to having Norris onboard as our photo-guide, and you can check out his work and style on his webpage on link here.

There are no photography knowledge prerequisites on this trip. Whether you are a professional or amateur means nothing. Just by sailing with other photo enthusiasts you will learn a lot. You don’t need to know how to sail to participate either, as you will learn alot about sailing along the way. This is a perfect chance for those of you who want to test out winter sailing, learn more about nighttime navigation, sail under different wind- and weather conditions, and always have your camera ready! If you only have a phone camera and just want to join an unforgettable trip and sail during the arctic winter, you are very welcome aboard as well!

On this trip we will use our sailing boats Humla and Bien. Pictures and more information about these boats (which are all similar sister boats) can be found here.

Sailing the arctic seas comes with fantastic photo opportunities. Exploring vast landscapes while being constrained mostly to the space of our sailboat sparks an extra flare of creativity. We will get the chance to shoot this coast like few others have ever done before, and get a unique element of adventure in our shots.
As the sun barely rises to say hello before it sinks over the horizon again, those few hours of light will be magical, as it's a constant sunrise-sunset following us around and painting the mountains for us. This will be cold, but an epic experience indeed!

Norris Niman

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