From Norway to Jan-Mayen, Greenland and Iceland with Alma

64,500 NOK

august 2 - 19. august 2023

18 days

This is a really exciting expedition crossing both the Norwegian and Greenland Seas, where we will visit Jan-Mayen, Greenland, and Iceland! This is our longest expedition, as it lasts more than two weeks, and we get the chance to explore both the volcanic island of Jan-Mayen and the super remote East-Greenland coast. During the voyage we really get to feel what it’s like out on the big ocean. In recent years the edge of the pack ice has been too far north to be able to sail westwards along it, but we will still get close to large ice sheets, icebergs, and glaciers when we arrive in Greenland.

We are ready for this summer’s expedition, with our latest addition to our expedition fleet, Alma. This slightly smaller replica of Amundsen’s expedition ship “Gjøa” is a newly-built traditional sailboat. It is a really solid 52-foot wooden boat, which weighs 45 tons and has plenty of deck space to enjoy the view of arctic volcanoes and icebergs. Comfort onboard is ensured, with ample space under deck, central heating, a social galley midship, and comfortable beds with warm duvets and pillows. Now we will hoist the sails on Alma and sail in Amundsen’s wake to Greenland!

On this expedition we have three stages of offshore sailing: Norway to Jan-Mayen, Jan-Mayen to Greenland, and Greenland to Iceland. We spend the days in between exploring these remote places. If the sea is calm enough for us to land on Jan-Mayen, we can explore this unique volcanic island. The geology and biology here are extremely different from what we are used to back on the mainland. We can take a break from the high seas at anchor here, and maybe we will even get to visit the Norwegian military and meteorological base here.

We also get to experience the greatness of Greenland on this expedition. Between the fjords, mountains, and glaciers on the east coast of Greenland, our time will be well-spent. This is an area that very few have visited before us, and we are vulnerable, fall from civilization, and completely alone. We have to be careful and maneuver slowly, but we will have the south-flowing Greenland current with us, and long, bright evenings.

In Greenland we will sail into Scoresby Sound (Kangertittivaq), a huge fjord with impressive glaciers and mountains. Here, large icebergs drift calmly back and forth, and there is so much to see and discover. The largest settlement on the east coast of Greenland, Ittoqqortoormiit, lies at the entrance to Scoresby sound, and it is one of the world’s most inaccessible villages.

After a couple of days in Scoresby Sound, we hoist our sails again and set course for Iceland and the port city of Ísafjörður. The crossing takes just under 2 days, and once we reach Iceland’s westfjords we will take a well-deserved trip on land to stretch our legs and celebrate a successful and spectacular expedition!

From SeilNorge we run this trip with 2-3 skippers and guide/crew on this trip, all good sailors, of which at least one has solid sailing time and experience on similar expeditions. We will act as guides and polar bear guards when we are on land. Along the way, either under sail or motoring, we will make sure that all participants are included in the sailing. We will often sail at all hours all the day, and all participants on board will be split into shift teams that sail in a 4 hours on, 8 hours off rotation.

For photos and more information about Alma, check this link.

This expedition, like our other longer trips, is first and foremost a great voyage of discovery, but also an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about sailing and navigation. The boat will be our starting point for discoveries and experiences on land. Are you ready for the late summer expedition to Jan-Mayen, Greenland, and Iceland?

The Arctic is a vulnerable area which is under pressures from humans and the changing climate. At SeilNorge, we are concerned with taking care of the environment as much as possible, and we believe that small boats with few people and little pollution and waste are much less harmful to the environment, climate, and local wildlife than larger boats and cruise ships. We also try to clean up rubbish and waste in the places we visit, instead of leaving anything behind. In Svalbard and Greenland, we follow AECO’s guidelines for encounters with wildlife, beach cleaning, and cultural heritage sites. You can read more about AECO’s guidelines here.

Great program, nice atmosphere, fantastic nature experiences, professional and skilled skipper and co-skipper that involve the crew in a good way. Memories for life with great people in a good atmosphere”


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