Learn to sail on a long weekend in the Oslo fjord

7,750 NOK

januar 1 - 31. desember 2023

365 days


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Whether you want to become a skipper on your own boat or to sail as a crew with others, our comprehensive beginner’s course in sailing will give you a good starting point. This sailing course takes place over a long weekend, starting and ending in Oslo. Like on all our courses and tours, you will be sailing a lot, and at the same time learning a lot, while experiencing much along the way. During this weekend we possibly sail as far out as Færder Lighthouse or Väderöarna on the Swedish border.

The sailing course has been thoroughly reviewed and gives you a good introduction to what you need to master before you can sail away alone or crew on someone else’s boat. The course is for those who want to learn sailing and boat handling right from the start. Most people who take this course have little or no experience from before, but some have previous experience that they want to refresh. During this course you will primarily learn from trying and failing. We want you to get the most out of everything so you can get feedback and learn. We will review many different items, including:

  • Boat handling for engine and sail

  • Sailing on different wind angles, and trimming of sails

  • Navigation and techniques when using paper charts

  • Navigation by chartplotter and electronics

  • Rules of the Road at Sea

  • Role allocation on board and operation of vessel and crew

  • Safety on board and use of safety gear

  • Maneuvering in harbour

  • Mooring and knots

  • Anchoring

  • Choice of boat and equipment - advantages and disadvantages of different types

The more you ask and take on tasks and responsibilities, the more you will learn! Upon registration you will receive our instruction booklet and you will get tips and advice for other books and resources that will be helpful to read in advance. As with any sailing trip we naturally depend on the wind and weather, but with four days at our disposal we have flexibility and can expect all sorts of weather, and work on understanding different wind and weather conditions. 

The sailing course with SailNorway and our steady skipper Emil opened up the possibilities to enjoy the fjord without the sound of motor. Rain and wind was no obstacle - great sailing weather - it was said. Good company, lots of fun, steep learning curve and wonderful feeling of achievements. Thanks Emil and Aaron!

Knut Andreas O. Lid

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