Sail TAVAHA - beach cleanup in Helgeland

21,900 NOK

juni 21 - 28. juni 2024

8 days

Welcome to a magnificent and truly special sailboat experience on the coast of Helgeland. Together with Nordic Ocean Watch, we continue with our greenest tour concept: Sailing and beach cleaning! The focus here is on taking care of the sea. Surrounded by magnificent nature, we choose sailing as our mode of transport in order to leave a minimal carbon footprint, and we clean up beaches, gain knowledge about waste-dumping in the sea, and learn about concrete solutions to this problem. A fun, educational, and inspiring experience!

We sail south along what is perhaps the most beautiful coastline in Norway: Helgeland. Between the thousands of inlets and islands, we will explore spectacular places that are only accessible by boat. The trip goes from Bodø to Brønnøysund, a stretch full of beautiful natural harbors, beaches, and scenic mountains and fjords. Along the way we will visit exciting places such as Rødøy, Træna, Myken, Lovund, Vega, and Ylvingen. In addition to a proper sailing experience, on this trip you will also contribute to the well-being of the sea. Not only will you enjoy action-packed sailing, cozy meals, and the midnight sun, but you will also learn a lot about the sea, how it is threatened, and how you yourself can help solve these challenges.

On this trip you will learn much more than just how to sail! You will learn about marine litter from Nordic Ocean Watch and from us in SeilNorge, and along the way we might come in contact with other relevant organizations who also work to reduce the problem of marine litter and plastic waste in the sea. In addition to Nordic Ocean Watch and Hvitserk, we collaborate with organizations such as Keep Norway Clean, IRIS-, HAF- and SHMIL Waste Management on this trip.


On this trip a portion of the trip-prize goes to support Nordic Ocean Watch's important work to protect our oceans!


According to the most serious predictions from the World Economic Forum, by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the sea. We are no exception here in cold, clear Northern Norway. As sailors and people who are passionate about the sea, we can not sit around and watch this happen: we must contribute to a cleaner sea. On this trip we will therefore take you to both exposed and untouched areas, all of which have beaches where there should be no plastic waste at all. Together we will clean up waste we find here, so that we can sail on leaving a cleaner coast in our wake. 


If you like the sea, northern Norwegian nature, are driven or curious about sailing, and want to spend your holiday doing something meaningful, then this trip is for you!


On this trip we will be 1-2 boats sailing together. Read more about our boats here.


As on all our trips you will to learn to sail, you will be challenged, and feel that you accomplish something. Last but not least, you will gain memorable experiences to last you a lifetime! If this is your first sailing trip ever, we will make you into a seaman/-woman as fast as we can, and if you’re an experienced seadog, you will be challenged and get more responsibilities. 


Of our planned activities you are free to choose what you want to participate in. If you rather want to take it easy one day, stay in the boat and write a poem, do yoga or do nothing at all, you are of course welcome to do that as well.


For inspiration, you can see some great movie clips from previous Sail TAVAHA trips on the link here and here.


Tavaha is the Nordic expression for taking care of the ocean: 'ta vare på havet'. It is also referred to as the ‘nordic aloha’. Tavaha encompasses unity, understanding and solidarity across borders, generations and cultures. The ocean is what connects the world. It has always taken care of us and we cannot live without it. It’s time we return the favour.

© Nordic Ocean Watch

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