The Best of Lofoten in august

20,800 NOK

august 23 - 30. august 2023

8 days

This week is dedicated to the most beautiful and rugged mountains, fjords, and beaches that Lofoten has to offer. We explore the island by boat, and the whole of Lofoten is our playground. Join us on this highlight of a trip, from Bodø to Svolvær, exploring the best of Lofoten!

With seven days at our disposal, the Lofoten mountains seen from different angles and with the midnight sun will give us a real summer and holiday feeling. Being on a sailboat, we are flexible and move smoothly around amongst the islands. During the trip we go hiking, fishing, kayaking, surfing, and when we moore up we can make a bonfire on the beach. We will also sail to and visit some of the best and most exciting cultural sites and restaurants in Lofoten. There will be many fun moments both onboard and on land, and you will get to know the Lofoten area very well. You will also learn a lot about sailing, and get to tick off the crossing of Vestfjorden from our bucket list.

We begin the trip in Bodø and go straight across to Lofoten and Værøy from here. In the outer parts of Lofoten we are going to visit Reine, which - with it’s harbour surrounded by steep mountains - is one of Lofoten’s most photographed sites. From Reine we can ascend Reinebringen, or take the local ferry into Reinefjord to Vinstad and visit the breathtaking Bunesstranda on the north side. We sail out to "yttersida"; the outerside of the Lofoten mountains after a night in Nusfjord. Where we get to Unstad - the famous beach where we can also get to try the surf!

Further east we sail into the inner side of the islands again, past Henningsvær; which is one of the best harbours in Lofoten and has also become a cultural point of interest. From there we sail to the small island of Skrova, from the top of which we have an amazing 360-degree view towards the “Lofoten wall” in the west, Vestfjorden in the south, and Steigen and Hamarøy in the east. Last part of the trip we do a little detour into Raftsudent, Digermulen, and Trollfjorden; an impressive fjord landscape with steep mountainsides and alpine mountain ranges - a place that is near and dear to us at SeilNorge. Before we end the trip in Svolvær. 

Along the way on this tour there are opportunities to do extra activities at the places we land, such as surfing at Unstad Arctic Surf or kajakking in Reine. All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, you are very free to do so as well!

Like on all our trips, you will learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement - as well as friends for life!

Watch our 2 minute movie from this trip here.

In the summertime we sail together one or more boats in a fleet. See pictures and read more about our boats here.

This week was really incredibly great! Very nice program with both a lot of sailing and ocean - and the possibility to hike some mountains. The split into cabins, watches etc. worked well. Our skipper was skilled and friendly, and he managed to include all of us and balance our wishes and requests as we went along. Well done! I became such a fan of the whole trip that I’m considering moving to Lofoten some day!


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