"Skrei" & Sail - with sailboat at the Lofoten fishery!

16,600 NOK

februar 28 - 3. mars 2024

5 days

Every winter, huge numbers of cod (called "Skrei" in Norwegian) migrate from the Barents Sea and towards the Norwegian coast and Lofoten to spawn. At the same time, fishing boats from all over Norway come to Lofoten to participate in this world-famous cod fishery. This phenomenon is an adventurous part of Norwegian coastal culture and has been an important part of Norway’s economic history. Now, you too, can take part in this adventure! Along the way we will sail, catch, gut fish, and eat fish in every imaginable way! Fresh fish, salted fish, bacalao, mølja, cod tongues, sushi and skrei-and-chips - you name it!

Asbjørn, the grandfather of SeilNorge founder Emil, spent no less than 55 seasons sailing from Ylvingen to Henningsvær to participate in the fishing. In SeilNorge, we have long dreamed about joining the yearly fishing and trying our hand as fishermen. When the Corona crisis hit in 2020, we had to come up with new ideas. With skippers and guides ready on the pier in Svolvær - but no guests - we had two choices: sail home or sail out.

We sailed out and tried our fishing luck. It was hard work, with long days and cold, sore hands, but also a great experience with nature, fantastic food, and an exciting deep dive into our coastal history. We learned an incredible amount and felt a whole new level of mastering a new skill! This year we want to take you along on the adventure to experience the fantastic food and tradition our beautiful coast has to offer!

If you look at the map of Lofoten, the fishing villages are located like pearls on a string - there is no doubt where the fish and fishermen lived! On this trip, we will sail past some of Lofoten’s famous fishing villages; Henningsvær, Kabelvåg and Svolvær. Perhaps we'll get all the way down to Ballstad. We’ll be surrounded by fishing vessels that fish with nets, lines, or “juksa” - a traditional wheel with several hooks on the line attached. Perhaps there will be an occasional sailboat in between, but these are rare. We will mainly fish with the classic “juksa”, but will also try out fishing rods.

This is the trip for those of you who want to experience fishing, the northern lights, sailing, wildlife and all the majestic scenery Lofoten has to offer, at the most beautiful time of the year. If we’re lucky we’ll get to see the white tailed eagle circling around us looking for prey, whales blowing on the horizon, or the beautiful northern lights dancing in the sky.

Our skilled skipper will take care of the boat handling and show you how to fish, we will also hoist sails and learn about sailing underway. There will be extra crew onboard to offer local knowledge of the area and life in the sea.

As on all our trips, you do not need any prior experience with sailing to participate. Regardless of whether you have a lot, some or no experience with sailing and fishing, we will challenge you and you will learn a lot from this trip.

The trip starts and ends in Svolvær, Lofoten.

On this trip we will use one of our 44 to 50 foot boats, Humla, Bien or Nirvana. Pictures and more info about these boats can be found at the link here.

With the Lofoten mountains plunging straight into the fjord and the sea steaming with fish and boats below, the stage is set for this year's coolest and most remarkable trip!

An experience I will never forget - the feeling of pride and mastery. Pride in ourselves but also in Norway and our fishermen throughout the generations - what a life, what an adventure! The sea holds such wealth. Thanks for the trip - sign me up again next year!

Mathea Born (27)

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