With S/Y Valiente from Scotland to Norway - via the Caledonian Canal, Orkneys and Shetland

48,200 NOK

september 23 - 7. oktober 2023

15 days

Just across the North Sea, west of Vestlandet, lies an adventureland and sailor’s paradise, waiting to be explored. Since the Viking Age our Norse ancestors have had close ties to and at times ruled over these archipelagos in the west. Shetland, the Orkney Islands, and other parts of Scotland were once part of the Norwegian Empire, and we will keep an eye out for traces of the Norse on this trip through these exciting places on the way home from Scotland to Norway.

This expedition offers a sea of different experiences, literally and is a good mix between sailing, culture, nature and pub- and restaurant-visits. First we will explore some of the islands of Western Scotland, before we take the boat on a mountain trip. Through the Caledonian Canal we get to sail through the Scottish Highlands. At its highest point, we are 32 meters above sea level, still aboard our expedition sailboat. This may not sound like much, but here the tree line is low and we really get the feeling of sailing through the mountains!

Further from Inverness, the trip goes north towards the Orkney Islands, and we explore these 70+ islands with exciting rocky shores and chalk-white sandy beaches. Fair Isle and Shetland are also located along our route for this trip. The sailing legs between these stops are mostly day trips, so we have good possibilities to explore on land where we pass underway. In these more inaccessible islands, we will get insight into both the history and the important coastal traditions. The historical ties between Norway and all these archipelagos are strong, and as modern Vikings from Norway, we are used to being well received along the way.

On this trip we will anyways get the chance to test our sailing capabilities a little, with the 1-2 day crossing of the North Sea back to Norway being the highlight. Out here at this time of year we really get to feel the forces of nature. The feeling of master you will get when your team successfully sails the expedition ship across the sea is priceless. Nothing compares to surfing a real wave with the ship out on the ocean! And maybe we’ll even spot a fin whale or two along the way, as in this film clip from one of our previous trips from Shetland to Norway, which you can see here.

This trip is for you who wish for a sailing expedition that contains enough time for life on land, culture and nature underway. The trip offers a well-balanced mix between inland sailing, coastal sailing, and sea sailing, and a well-balanced mix between restaurant visits and hiking trips. This is the trip for those of you who want to experience the Caledonian Canal by sailboat, and for those of you who have dreamed of visiting the Orkney Islands, Fair Isle and Shetland the real way; for sails.


From SeilNorge we have a skipper, co-skipper and guide / crew. All are good sailors, and at least one of us will have solid sailing time and experience from similar expeditions. Along the way, whether sailing or on motor, we will include everyone on board in running the boat. We will mostly sail at all hours of the day, and distribute everyone into watch teams. We rotate between the shift teams and go 4 hours on and 8 hours off. In addition, we add a couple of shorter shifts in the rotation in the afternoon, so that we also rotate the night shifts between the shift teams.

It's not just any sailboat we use on this trip, but our 70-feet expedition boat Valiente. She is a very steady and comfortable boat built in steel, made for sailing in arctic waters. The boat is well equipped and has a large outdoor area, a wheelhouse and a 360-degree-view lounge. For pictures and more info about Valiente check out this link.

This expedition is like our other adventures: primarily a major exploration, but also a great opportunity to learn a lot about sailing and navigation, and the opportunity to use the boat as a starting point for explorations and experiences ashore. Are you ready for this autumn's long-distance trip from Scotland to Norway, via the Caledonian Canal, Orkney Islands and Shetland?


Our norhtern areas are vulnerable and under pressure from people and climate change. In SeilNorge we are committed to taking care of the environment as much as possible and we believe that small boats with few people and little pollution and waste are much less harmful to the environment, climate and local wildlife, than larger boats and cruise ships. We also try to gather garbage at the places we visit, instead of leaving something behind.


It was an amazing trip/experience. From an inexperienced sailor's perspective, I felt that the trip was the perfect format as things started off pretty smoothly during our sail through the Caledonian Canal before gradually ramping up in difficulty as we sailed through The Orkneys, Fair Isle, Shetland, and then finally our crossing to Norway. The boat and crew were all great and did an awesome job of organising excursions/activities as well as letting everyone be involved with the sailing and navigation on board. We were incredibly lucky that two of the guests/crew happened to be professional chefs so the food was way beyond expectations.


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