From Oceansail to Whiskeysail: With S/Y Valiente from Iceland to the Faroes, Hebrides and Scotland

48,200 NOK

september 6 - 20. september 2023

15 days

The desire for adventure is genetically coded into humans, and now we get to follow in the footsteps of the Vikings and expand our horizons. We will take you on an unforgettable voyage among the islands of the North Atlantic. From Iceland's volcanic rocks and hot springs, via the Faroe Islands’ green-clad mountainsides and waterfalls that plunge straight into the sea, and to the Hebrides' unbeatable sandy beaches and world-famous whiskey traditions. On this trip we really get to experience the open sea with several days of ocean crossing. We sail through areas rich in animal and bird life, and ashore we will see how our Norse ancestors have influenced the culture of these archipelagos.

We start this voyage from the saga island of Iceland. Here we explore the northwest and west coasts as we sail south and east. Iceland has an exciting landscape and is known for volcanic activity with associated hot springs, which makes the visit completely unique. The Faroe Islands offer spectacular rocky shores and views we do not find in many other places. Here it is clear that the open sea has battered the ocean cliffs and shaped the landscape for thousands of years. Once in the Hebrides, we spend the rest of the time hopping between these traditional islands, visiting some of the world's leading whiskey distilleries, and sailing with the tidal currents.

On this expedition we have two stages with offshore sailing, Iceland - Faroe Islands and Faroe Islands - Hebrides / Scotland. During the cruises, we will work in watch shifts around the clock and learn a lot about navigation, sailing, and seamanship. We also learn about wind, weather, waves and the sea. It's a bit of an experience to surf down the waves with this huge expedition ship!

This is the expedition for those of you who are curious about sea sailing and for those of you who have always wanted to visit the Faroe Islands, the Hebrides, or Iceland. This is a trip for those of you who want to combine an active holiday in exciting ports and experiencing different cultures, with Norse elements and experiences as you cross part of the North Atlantic. You do not need any previous experience with sailing to join this voyage, but if you have sailed a whole lot before, we will still be able to challenge you on board our expedition boat!


From SeilNorge we have a skipper, co-skipper and guide / crew. All are good sailors, and at least one of us will have solid sailing time and experience from similar expeditions. Along the way, whether sailing or on motor, we will include everyone on board in running the boat. We will mostly sail at all hours of the day, and distribute everyone into watch teams. We rotate between the shift teams and go 4 hours on and 8 hours off. In addition, we add a couple of shorter shifts in the rotation in the afternoon, so that we also rotate the night shifts between the shift teams.

It is not just any sailboat we use on this trip, but our 70 foot large expedition boat Valiente. She is a very stable and comfortable boat built in steel for sailing in Arctic waters. The boat is very well-equipped and has large outdoor areas, a wheelhouse, and a saloon with 360-degree views. For photos and more info about Valiente see the link here.

This expedition, like our other longer trips, is first and foremost a great voyage of discovery, but also an excellent opportunity to learn a lot about sailing and navigation, and not least to use a boat as a starting point for discoveries and experiences on land. Are you ready for the late summer expedition from Iceland to the Faroe Islands and Scotland?

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Our northern sea areas are vulnerable and under pressure from people and climate change. At SeilNorge, we are concerned with taking care of the environment as much as possible and we believe that small boats with few people and little pollution and waste are much less harmful to the environment, climate, and local wildlife, than larger boats and cruise ships. We also try to clean up rubbish in the places we visit, instead of leaving something behind. Join us on an exotic, unique, sustainable, environmentally friendly and unforgettable holiday with us!


The first time i Sailed arctic ocean in sailingboat perfectly built for it, I look forward new adventures with S/Y Valiente and perfect organizer Sail Norway


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