Freedive & Sail - Helgeland and Salten

20,500 NOK

august 16 - 23. august 2023

8 days

Sailing trips combined with cool activities such as climbing, beach cleaning, skiing, fishing, or hiking are what we consider to be the ultimate active holiday, and the ultimate way to experience Northern Norway! On this trip we will launch SailNorway’s newest tour concept: Freediving & Sailing! Join what will be an unforgettable adventure both above and below water, where we use the boat as our homebase around the skerries and the fjords in Helgeland and Salten. A week full of experiences and learning, where the sea will be explored in every way!

We start with the basics of freediving on this trip. During the first two days, our skilled instructor gives us all a thorough introduction and goes over the basic skills in the art of freediving. This way we will have all reached a level that will allow us to explore more places underwater throughout the week. This trip is suitable for both those of you who have dived a lot before, and will experience freediving in some of the most beautiful surroundings our country offers, both above and below water. But the trip is also for those of you who may have only tried freediving once or twice, and are curious to explore this activity more!

This is an experience where we combine sailing and freediving. You’ll get both a fantastic sailing experience and a holiday along one of Norway's most beautiful coast areas: Helgeland and Salten. In addition, we free dive in both known and unknown places. Sailing around with a sailboat is the best way to travel along the coast, and it is not only fun, but also very convenient. With the sailboat as our base, we are flexible and will be able to reach many places that are otherwise inaccessible. We also sail past our favorite ports and piers on the trip. 

As on all our trips, you will learn to sail, be challenged, and ultimately leave with both a feeling of mastery and memorable experiences for life! If you are a first-time traveler, we will turn you into a seamna/woman as soon as possible, and if you are more experienced, you will quickly be challenged and get more responsibility.

This trip starts and ends in Bodø.

If you want to experience the best this area has to offer, then this is the trip for you! On our trips you get the variety and combination of pleasant evenings in the boat, hefty seas, mountains, and diving experiences!

On this trip we will use our sailboats Humla/Bien. Pictures and more information about our boats can be found here.



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