Lofoten and Senja: Hike & Sail in July

17,800 NOK

juli 25 - 1. august 2022

8 days

Join us for an exciting sailing trip through Lofoten, Vesterålen, Senja, and Sommarøy to Tromsø. This will be an eventful and active holiday, where we start the in alpine Lofoten and end in arctic nature further north. This is a trip for you who want to explore the magnificent scenery in this area and experience the rich bird- and wildlife close by. For many, the hike to the peak Møysalen has been the highlight of this trip.

We start the journey by sailing through the Lofoten wall and further into the fjords on Hinnøya, our first destination being the top of Vesterålen's highest mountain; Møysalen. The majestic towering mountain of 1252 meter above sea level has a great view to both the Lofoten mountains and Vesterålen, and this hike is considered by many as the best mountain hike in northern Norway. And to many of our participants it has also proved to be the highlight of this trip.

We continue sailing north through Vesterålen to Andøya, then northward and inshore up to Stave and Bleik. At Bleik we visit bird nesting cliffs and explore the unique cultural landscape. Hopefully the cozy, local pub has open doors for us when arrive this year as well.

Towards Senja we sail around the tip of Andenes, which is known for it’s good opportunities to see whales, and at Senja we seek harbor in Bergfjord's idyllic Hamn. After a good dinner and unhurried pleasures in the harbor of Hamn, we continue on the "outerside" of Senja up to Sommarøy where we anchor in a natural harbor between the sandy beaches. The trip ends with a regatta the last day towards "Paris of the north" - Tromsø, with a fine dinner on land in one of the city's exciting restaurants, this last night.

By having a sailboat as a mobile base for land explorations, we get close to nature, wildlife, local culture and the locals living in the areas we land. During the trip we combine sailing with as much other fun as possible, such as hiking, fishing, kayaking, good food and a bonfire ashore once in a while.

All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, that's what you will do.

In the summertime we sail together several of our boats in a fleet. Read more about our boats here.

Like on all our tours, you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- and friends for life!.

What a wonderful way to vacation! I really appreciated spending time with people i got to know during the trip, and SailNorway made everyone feel included. My highlight of the trip must've been our stop at Summer Island (Sommerøya) ; The weather was nice, we had time to cook a nice meal, and enjoy a beautiful evening on the beach.


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