Sea & Mountainsports - explore Helgeland and Lofoten

17,800 NOK

juli 10 - 17. juli 2022

8 days

Welcome on board for an active holiday, high and low on both the Helgeland coast and in Lofoten! This is a trip for those of you who want an eventful holiday with exciting activities and varied challenges, and want to experience both the islands and atmosphere of Helgeland as well as the alpine and magnificent mountain and fjord landscape in Lofoten.

We start the tour as the Træna festival ends, and from here on we will be busy with activities and sailing north every day throughout the week! At Helgeland there will be fjord sailing and summit hikes on Helgelandsbukken, Svartisen and Rødøyløva. Furthermore, we sail north along the many islands and mountains before we leave Helgeland and cross the mythical Vestfjord.

In Lofoten we get close to the magnificent mountains at Reine, where you will be able to hike summits on both Reinebringen and Helvetestind. On the beautiful Bunes beach we take our share of responsibility and pick up as much trash as we can before we continue to the fishing village Nusfjord; one of Norway's best preserved fishing villages. The last day we arrange an internal regatta towards Henningsvær, and then we prepare for a goodbye party ashore at the local Trevarefabrikken culture house.

On this trip, you have the chance to do a glacier hike at the Svartisen glacier as well as a day surfing at Unstad, both additional activities to the otherwise relatively ambitious program. All our planned activities along the way are optional. If you prefer to take a break in the boat and write poems or do yoga, or do nothing at all, that's what you will do.

Like on all our tours, you learn to sail along the way, and you will get both challenges and feelings of achievement- and friends for life!

If you are a beginner we will make you a sailor as soon as possible, and if you are experienced you will be given more responsibility and greater challenges.

See our short film about SeilNorge recorded on this specific tour here!

In the summertime we sail in a fleet of all our boats. See pictures and read more about our boats here.

For an adventurous storytelling about Træna and the festival you can read the very well written and fun “A Poor Man’s Connoisseur Coastal Guide To A Magical World, Far Up North, And How The Helvete To Get There” here.

Thank you so much for a wonderful trip! I experienced many wonderful moments on my trip, and also met wonderful people on the ocean, glaciers and mountains. I thought the crew were excellent at creating a good environment, and you really got the feeling you were on a trip with friends. The captain was great and i remember thinking to myself that SailNorway is a combination of professional, pragmatic, happy and including. I'd recommend travelling with SailNorway any day!


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