Wintersailing with northern lights and photography

16,400 NOK

februar 21 - 27. februar 2022

7 days

Our photography-focused winter tours have been very popular, so now we put on our wool layers and gear up for new photo tours in January and February! The special thing about these tours is the beautiful light in this time of year that gives us the coolest #nofilter experience. We sail a whole week from Bodø, via Lofoten and Senja, to the “Paris of the North”, Tromsø.

This is a trip for those of you who want to take the “most badass” pictures during the harshest season in northern Norway, and for those who want to sail through northern Norway in a very special winter light with your camera always ready. While the batteries are charging under deck you can be sailing, or learning how to sail, along the way. Winter sailing in northern Norway is completely unique and by combining it with photography we maximize our use of the day and are always ready to take the best pictures completely free of street lights or other light pollution.

This week we will sail from Tromsø and spend one week southbound along the coast to Tromsø. On the way we will sail around Senja, Andøya, Lofoten and Steigen, and we hope to find northern lights, and learn more about sailing and photography, as well as the area we sail through. 

On this trip we will try to spend a day playing with orcas and the whales that gather along the coast of Troms every winter to feed on the herring. For many years they have been playing around in the fjords outside of Kvaløya, while the last few years they have been further north around Skjærvøy. The weather forecast for the week, as well as the location of herring, will determine if we have time to go look for whales in northern Troms, or if we instead have to look for them outside Senja.

On this trip there are no photo prerequisites. Whether you are a professional or amateur means nothing. Just by sailing with other photo enthusiasts you will probably learn a lot. If you only have a phone camera and want to join an unforgettable trip and sail during wintertime, you are very welcome on board as well!

On this trip we will use our sailing boats Humla and Bien. Pictures and more information about them can be found here.

The whole trip was a truly great experience! It was awesome to go without knowing anybody, and meet such a lovely group of people. The skippers were incredibly skillful, and they always smiled. For me, never having been north of Trondheim, it was really special to experience this raw landscape, the northern lights and to get so close on to the whales. SailNorway delivered a great and raw experience, which I will carry with me for the rest of my life!

Tiril Berg

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