Ski & Sail Lofoten, 5 days

19,500 NOK

mars 22 - 27. mars 2022

6 days

This long weekend Ski and Sail is a trip for those of you who like the idea of alpine/backcountry skiing in the untouched Lofoten-mountains of northern Norway. It is a trip for travellers wanting a more challenging holiday - who would like to experience something unique, wild, breathtaking and beautiful - no matter if you are experienced or a beginner we welcome you to our Ski & Sail adventure.

The Lofoten isles make out some of the rawest nature Norway has to offer. The area is famous for its alpine mountains and peaks, there are great numbers of natural pistes, offering possibilities and options for a wide range of skiers. Most of the trips offer 700 - 1000 meters of altitude and descents, and the skiing most often ends down on the beach. Many of the most spectacular places are available by boat only. That is why we sail.

During these 5 days we will explore and reach many of the most beautiful mountains in Lofoten, and in between we will get many nice sail trips on our way from the one place to the other.

The trip starts and ends in Svolvær.

For our Ski and Sail trips we use ski guides with local experience and knowledge, who also works as a teacher and a coach. Having a ski guide available onboard makes it possible for us to do more challenging skiing and summits. Of the different places we will pass or visit along the way, we can mention Svolvær, Austnesfjorden, Geitgaljertind, the Trollfjord and Raftsundet.

The ascensions we complete will be planned in plenary, according to the skill level of the group, weather, and conditions in general. After our daily ascensions we set sail for the next port or anchorage and prepare ourselves for the following day.  This is an active trip with full focus on the experiences this wild nature has to offer, whether it’s behind the boat wheel or with skis strapped on your feet.The luxury of having a ski guide onboard also means we want to maximize our time in the mountains and ascend new hills every day. The mussel pain and tiredness can wait until we get back home:)

For most of our Ski and Sail trips we sail two boats together, with each boat having their own ski guide. The number of boats during our trip depends on the number of participants. If we have enough participants for two boats we also have more flexibility to divide the group in two according to skill level and experience amongst the participants.

The boats we will be using for Ski and Sail Lofoten are “Humla” and “Nirvana”, a 50 ft. and 44 ft. boat, respectively. These boats have good comfort and enough space for 6-7 participants + ski guide and skipper. Read more about our boats here.

For more articles and information about Ski and Sail, check out our blog here. 

I went all alone on the Ski and Sail in Lofoten, and met a lovely bunch of mountaineers and sailing people. Skilled tour leaders guided us to the finest peaks, always with a strong focus on safety. I learned a lot about sailing as we went along, got to experience the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer and got to know new people. SailNorway has put together a dream trip!

Ebba Boye (29)

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