Advanced Skipper course in the Oslo fjord

7,550 NOK

september 9 - 11. september 2021

3 days


Covid-19 - Flexibility and infection control

You only pay the trip deposit (NOK 3000) at time of booking, and in these times we are extra flexible. Read more about our booking flexibility here.

We are also being extra careful and taking precautions to avoid infection onboard, see our infection control plan here.  

New as of 1.1.2021:
For increased safety, we request that all participants are tested before joining our trips, and to take precautions against infection in the time before departure.



Welcome to our most advanced course, for those of you who have sailing knowledge and experience, but want to take the next step and improve your technical skills and safety knowledge when taking on the role of skipper. To sail your own boat with responsibility only for yourself is one thing, but to be a good skipper for a crew is something else. In this course we focus on and train what you need to improve your skills in both areas.

This skipper course will focus on the boat, sailing techniques, and security, but just as much on people, leadership, organization, and preparation. It will teach you how to sail safely and effectively, and how all aboard can have the best possible experience - even in unexpected or difficult situations. No skipper course can replace the invaluable experiences and skills you get from many trips skippering your own boat, but during this course we will train together and you will be challenged. It will make you more confident - both theoretically and practically - and with that you will hopefully get more out of your own trips at sea.

We imagine that most people who take this course will have substantial experience from the past and that they can sail a boat almost anywhere, but that they also have certain aspects of themselves, as sailors and as leaders, that they want to improve upon. Some may have experienced a difficult situation that they want to be able to deal with better next time, while others envision other situations that they feel they need to be equipped to handle before setting off. As with all our trips, expeditions, and courses, you will first and foremost learn by trial and error. We make it easy for you to make the most of all situations and make mistakes, but without major damage or consequences. 

The coordinator and instructor for this course is SeilNorge manager and skipper Emil Casper Engebrigtsen. Emil has spent much of his life in boats, driving his own boat to school while growing up in Northern Norway, and having received his maritime education from Sjøforsvaret. The adventure of founding and leading SeilNorge has given Emil a lot of sailing time on sailboats both large and small in all kinds of weather and in all seasons, and he has sailed many times up and down the Norwegian coast, across the Barents Sea and around Spitsbergen, to Greenland, and Iceland, the Mediterranean, and England. 

In 2015, Engebrigtsen and his crew set the “Lindesnes to Nordkapp” record - sailing the distance in 7 days on a Pogo 10.50. Emil likes navigating in narrow waters and challenging his crew, and he is confident enough to give responsibility and instill confidence even in demanding situations. Emil is first and foremost responsible for safety in SeilNorge, but is also responsible for the training, education, and final approval of new skippers. 

The content of this course is based on many years of experience with commercial sailing with many different people on board as guests and crew on our trips, courses, and expeditions. The course is also based on our experience with training and coaching our own crews for SeilNorge’s trips, courses, and expeditions.

In the course, we will focus a lot on the areas that the participants in the course want to practice in, so the course will be shaped by those who participate. The topics and themes we plan to cover during this course include, but are not limited to:


  • Boat-handling for sails

  • Sailing at different wind angles; trimming, reefing, and change of sail plans

  • Navigation with chart plotters and electronics

  • Navigation and techniques for navigating with paper maps

  • Maritime rules

  • Routing and planning with software and apps

  • Distribution of roles on board and organization of boat and crew

  • Safety on board and use of safety equipment

  • Emergencies and procedures - preparations

  • Crew training and delegation of responsibilities

The more eager you are and the more tasks you take on, the more you will learn! When registering, you will receive a basic instruction booklet that we have prepared, and you will also receive tips for other books and software/apps that you may want to learn. On a sailing course we are dependent on the weather - but with 3 days available we can expect a good variety of weather conditions, which will allow us to work on understanding and mastering different winds and conditions. 

To participate, you need to have a basic level of sailing competence, which includes having fulfilled the “båtførerprøven” and ideally also have a recreational boat skipper’s certificate (D5L), but this is not a requirement. 

The course does not in itself give ICC approval for renting a boat abroad, but after the spring of 2021 we will offer ICC (International Certificate of Competence) as an option for our other courses.

On our courses in the Oslo Fjord we use a Bavaria 44, exactly the same as our own boat Nirvana. These are comfortable boats with plenty of space, but they also sail well due to good rigging and sails. Read more about Nirvana and this type of boat here.

The sailing course with SailNorway and our steady skipper Emil opened up the possibilities to enjoy the fjord without the sound of motor. Rain and wind was no obstacle - great sailing weather - it was said. Good company, lots of fun, steep learning curve and wonderful feeling of achievements. Thanks Emil and Aaron!

Knut Andreas

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