Covid 19, Q & A about flexible travel


Daily manager & Expedition leader

In these uncertain times, we have been getting many questions regarding our tours, expeditions, and courses. To try to answer those, we have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to Covid.

  • We will always follow the local/national health regulations in Norway.
  • For travel regulations to Norway please check

Please also check your own local/national regulations regarding your travel.

If any of your questions remain unanswered, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Will my trip still go ahead?

Based on current regulations, our tours are both allowed and expected to run. So unless you have heard otherwise from us, your trip is still happening! If Norwegian Covid regulations change, and your trip is affected, we will be in touch with you. If we must postpone your trip, you will hear from us.

Please note, however, that some of our trips have requirements for a minimum number of participants in order to be run. As soon as we have enough participants for a trip, we contact all who have signed up to let them know. If you become impatient you can of course contact us to ask how many are signed up for your tour.

Can I postpone my trip?

Yes, if you are unable to travel due to Covid regulations or if your trip is cancelled, you can postpone your trip to either later in the season or the following season. You can also use the sum you have paid as a credit/voucher to a different trip or course at a later date.

I no longer want to travel, can I cancel and get a refund?

Unless Covid regulations put in place by the Norwegian government dictate otherwise, your trip will be happening, so the cancellation policy agreed upon when you booked the trip still applies. You can read our cancellation policy here. If you are unable to travel due to restrictions in your own country, you can postpone your trip.

What happens if national Covid measures make it so that I can no longer travel?

If Norwegian Covid measures make it so that you can no longer enter the country, or regulations in your own country make it so that you cannot travel, then you can postpone your trip to later in the season or to the following year.

Can I wait to pay until I know for sure that my trip is going ahead?

Due to fixed costs, and in order to reserve a spot for you on your trip, we do require a deposit for your trip when the booking is made. You will then receive your final invoice around 60 days before departure, and we require full payment at this time to ensure your spot on the boat.
As mentioned above, if we must postpone your trip after full payment has been received, you can postpone your trip or use the sum you paid as a credit for a different trip.

Is it safe to be part of a group trip?

We are taking Covid very seriously and have implemented several safety measures and contagion containment procedures to our trips. You can read about these measures here. We have had successful summer seasons in 20/21 with many participants and no infections.

Alternatively, if you are not comfortable with a group trip, ask us about organizing a private trip.

What happens if national Covid restrictive measures change once the trip is already underway?

This would not be a problem, as an event which has already started will not be affected by new regulations. The main outcome in this case would be that the group on the trip should minimize contact with others outside the group (such as on restaurant visits, etc). However, our trips are in mostly remote areas and we manage on our own anyway, with more than enough food, entertainment, and things to do for the entire duration of the trip.

Should I buy travel insurance?

We always recommend traveling with travel insurance, although we understand that travel insurance can be expensive in some countries.

Will I have to quarantine?

You always need to follow the national regulations regarding travel to Norway. Check the updated travel info at
We recommend planning your trip with us based on the regulations that are in place when you book. If quarantine is required, please ensure you have time to complete your quarantine before joining the tour.