Covid-19, Infection Control Plan


Infection Control Plan for Seil Norge AS

COVID-19 - Corona - 2021
Updated on 02.11.2020

We have prepared an infection control plan for our trips in dialogue with the municipal chief in Vega municipality, our home municipality. 

Here you will also find our general thoughts on risk when carrying out and participating in a trip. It is important that you read this, understand and accept what is written.


In short, our trips for 2021 will be carried out almost as normal, but with stricter hygiene on board, and with adaptation and regulation of interaction between the boats with crew from the various boats only meeting outdoors and at a good/recommended distance.


The most important thing, however, is that you do not participate if you are not completely healthy, and that you stay home if you suspect infection or illness.

That is the most important thing.

The prevalence of Covid-19 in Norway is very low at the moment and the risk of becoming infected in society in general or on a sailing trip is very small. However, there is a certain risk and it is important that you as a participant are aware of this risk and that you accept it.

It is also good to have thought through what you and we do if someone should turn out to be infected or someone becomes ill in such a way that we have to investigate the matter. The plan in such cases is as follows: in case of suspicion of infection on one of the boats during the trip, this boat will be put on hold and quarantined until one or more of the boat's crew members have been tested for Covid-19 at the nearest health station. In case of negative test results, the boat can continue to sail.

In the event of any positive test results for one or more of the crews, the boat's total crew must be quarantined and the trip is over. The boat then sails to the nearest port from which everyone travels home or is accommodated in a hotel / guesthouse / hospital. We then disinfect/wash the boat down and try to get it ready for another trip.

Infection Control Plan for Seil Norge AS



We solve this together!

On board our boats, we do not have room to maintain infection-free zones.

Nevertheless, it is important to have good infection control on such trips, both in terms of cleaning, 

hand hygiene and distance,

and most importantly, that the sick do not participate!


What are we doing?

  • Focusing on infection control and public health along the way
  • Maintaining good hygiene and good cleaning
  • Limiting contact between the boats on the trips where we sail several boats together
  • Adapting common activities so that distance can be kept
  • Adapting routines for cooking and serving food
  • Have an agreement with a local doctor's office for testing in case of any symptoms, and if possible checking everyone for fever before boarding.

What should you be doing?

  • Only join the tour if you are healthy. Do not show up at the pier if you have respiratory symptoms, fever, or feel unwell. If you do, unfortunately it is not your turn to join us on a trip this time...
  • Before boarding, all participants must confirm that they have not been in contact with anyone who has detected Covid-19 in the last 14 days. You must also confirm that you know the risk involved in joining a trip and what you/we must do if someone becomes ill / is suspected of being ill.
  • Keep your distance. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health requires/recommends a safe distance, and as a participant you must make sure to generally keep your distance from others.
  • Wash your hands. Ensure good hand hygiene by washing your hands regularly with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Be a little extra patient. Avoid queues and congestion.

On board convenience and practicals

  • Disinfectant and hand sanitizer / antibac will be available
  • Limited use of common equipment. There will be marked, fixed "personal" equipment throughout the trip
  • Stay outdoors as much as possible, with the necessary distance, with as few people "down" at a time as possible. Avoid congestion, wait your turn
  • In connection with accommodation and sharing of cabins on board, we have together with the municipal doctor assessed that there is no extra / additional risk when you are already in the same boat, so that we can distribute cabins as usual.
  • Custom cooking and serving. In the galley, as usual, we have high demands on hygiene and quality, but adapt extra with e.g. several tables, the food manager serves food on the plate and we also use the outdoor areas for dining to be able to keep our distance.
  • Regular washing and disinfection of table tops and other surfaces that many people frequently touch, such as handles and railings.
  • Use of toilet - Where there are several toilets available, participants will be divided into fixed toilets. Regular washing and disinfection of surfaces that many touch, antibac available, use of disposable paper towels.
  • If someone gets symptoms, they are isolated on board in a cabin as soon as possible and the rest of the boat is in quarantine on the boat (can not participate in joint events with other boats on land) until the test results are available.
  • In the event of negative test results, the boat may continue to sail.
  • In the event of any positive test results for one or more of the crews, the boat's total crew must be quarantined and the trip is over for this time. Then the boat sails to the nearest port and everyone checks out of the boat, and we wash the boat and try to get it ready for another trip. 

We also refer to for updated and supplementary information about infection, symptoms and infection control.