About Us

We sail from islands to mountains to see, learn and experience. Playing in the wind, the water, the fjord, the archipelago and up into the mountains. We combine sailing with mountain walks, kayaking, fishing, music, food, festivals, skiing. You name it!


SeilNorge is the country’s leading organizer of inspiring sailing courses,  trips and expeditions.


Memories for life

We do what we love the most – enjoying the company of good people in a sailing boat. It doesn’t get better than that. Our biggest motivation is to create memories for life. Memories which are shaped through close, personal experiences or the grand and spectacular. Either way, you’ll head home with your barrel brimming with new friendships and experiences.


The sailing boat – our home

The boat gives us the flexibility to choose short or long trips, discover new places, meet new people and cultures or simply just enjoy getting on the water. For us, sailing is not all about learning the practical – trimming sails and handling the boat most efficiently. It’s about the art of enjoying the possibilities boating and sailing has to offer; combining sailing with mounting summits and skiing during the winter, and walks or trips during the summer months.


Inspire, engage and challenge

Our courses, trips and expeditions suit everyone, from absolute beginners to seasoned sailors wishing to embark on new expeditions and discover new waters.

We want to inspire our participants to challenge themselves regardless of skills and experience. We believe sailing is all about the challenge, trial and error and the sense of achievement and our job is to make you feel safe while doing so.


Our history

It all started back in 2008 when the founder of SeilNorge, Emil, went sailing with his best friends along the coast of Helgeland. They quickly agreed that others should be so fortunate as to experience this unique nature and culture. Sailing being the perfect starting point – a sustainable and active way in which to travel between destinations. Our trips to the festival in Traena quickly became extremely popular and from there we found ourselves booked up with trips throughout the year. Today the Company has four fulltime employees, several boats and an increasing number of enthusiastic and knowledgeable skippers. Depending on whether this is your first trip or you’ve already done several seasons with us, our aim is always the same: we will show you the best Northern Norway has to offer and teach you to sail along the way.

Bilde av våre skippere



Our philosophy

Nature sets the premises when travelling by sailing boat. This is why we always return to the sea. Humans, individually or in a group, become their true selves when surrounded by nature and its basic physical frames. SeilNorge wants to give everyone the opportunity to feel one with the most beautiful nature in the world.

 It is essential to take care of our environment, and our philosophy is simple; understand and respect the environment, and in return you will gain unforgettable experiences and memories. This is why we sail and we would be delighted if you could join us.


Skippers and crew

We can’t wait to introduce you to our skippers and crew. We are enthusiasts. We love exploring and excursions; the sea, the wind, the mountains, the sun, the fish, the birds and not to mention the people! Some of us have sailed all our lives whilst others got hooked later in life. We’ll teach you as much as possible about sailing and the areas we visit. We’ll share our experiences, knowledge and our tall tales. We will bend over backwards to ensure you have an unforgettable experience with us.


Our skippers are fully qualified and have varied experience within boating, sailing, safety and pedagogy. Norwegian Maritime Directorate vouch for our business.


Command Centre





414 82 061

Skipper, mate and Jane of all trades

Linda provides comic relief for all. Being the only Sami (so far) on board, she has made it her mission in life to share the beauty of Northern Norway. Growing up in Kautokeino, land of the Sami, she has combined her whaler blood with her love for the mountains and made the sea her new playground.

Linda is Head of Marketing, and at her happiest when we share amazing photos on Instagram




480 90 506

The boss himself

The SeilNorge founder grew up on a boat. He works extremely hard in the office, so he can enjoy most of his days doing what he loves most: sailing around the coast of Helgeland with an armada of boats and adventurous participants. The Navy taught him the skill of demanding navigation and as a skipper he is well known for challenging his crew. Emil’s grandfather did an amazing 55 seasons as a fisherman in Lofoten, Emil works with tangency.





Happiest outdoors – at sea or in the mountains

A Swedish charmer, and part of the team since the very beginning. He is passionate about nature and sustainability, even though he finds himself sky high flying between five continents between peace processes to climate talks. He is equally passionate about an oilfree Lofoten, Vesterålen og Senja as the Zapatistas resistance struggles in Mexico, and knows all versions of the Seven Sisters. Aron is one of the founding member of SeilNorge.


Øyvind Torp


Storyteller with a love of gale force winds and ocean spray

Øyvind is a founding member of SeilNorge and thrive in gale force winds and ocean spray. Nobody knows ‘’Palander’ (SeilNorge’s fastest boat) like Øyvind. His stories of the seven seas are unchallenged and he his banter sets for a great atmosphere on-board. When he’s not skippering the ‘Palander’, he’s busy with his second passion; introducing the younger generation of East Oslo to the many joys of outdoors activity.


Øyvind W

Allergic to seafood, loves the ocean

Øyvind is a founding member of SeilNorge and sets sails for Northern Norway as often as he can. As a skipper it’s more important for him that everyone has a go. He’s the most patient of us all. Unfortunately he is allergic to anything from the sea, which more often than not results in rather comic situations.



A local hero and a modern Viking who navigates by the stars

Jim-Børre lives in Northern-Norway. SeilNorge’s playground. Growing up in Værøy (located at the end of the Lofoten archipelago) you needed a boat to see the world, and it was on-board a sailing boat he found inner peace. Jim Børre knows all the best spots for fishing. Additionally he can elaborate on ‘haill’ and tell the legends of the mountains in Nordland. Wherever Jim-Børre goes his split board comes with him.


Stig A


Ship-writer and hobby chef

Stig Arild is SeilNorge’s ship-writer, podcaster and loves jumping in for a dip. Already at 15 he represented Norway in the sailing world championship. He is a fully qualified sailing instructor, and has coached the national sailing teams in Norway, Uganda and Burma. He lived with Amazonian Indians and chilled out with the drug barons in the favelas of Rio, but he is happiest when he’s in his fleece tights on-board a sailing boat heading north of the polar circle. Stories of his trademark mimosas reaches far and wide.



Recent sailing convert with his fingers in many pies

Living inland, Andreas is a sailor trapped. In Lillehammer he can easily practice his love for snowboarding, but unfortunately needs to jump on a train to enjoy his biggest passion, sailing. His sailing adventure started in 2013 whilst helping his big-bro Nicolai transport a boat from Harstad to Brønnøysund, and he is now a competent sailor. Loves a challenge and has his finger in many pies.




Jovial educator – you will definitely learn from Morten!

Morten comforts those suffering from seasickness and challenges the toughest to naval battle. As a teacher he is all inclusive, and those who can’t sail after a week with Morten only have themselves to thank. As a principle he takes pride in finishing his trips never having motored.


Andrea Røe

Service minded instructor who enjoys the simple things in life

Andreas is a service minded instructor, who enjoys being organised. Before other have finished reading the morning papers, Morten is ready to set sail. He enjoys the competitiveness of a good regatta. He has crossed the Atlantic from Caribbean to Scotland, and as long as he can ski or sail, Andreas is happy chap.




Sailing writer with his feet firmly planted on the top of a mountain

There isn’t much Jon does which isn’t about boat or sailing. He has sailed the entire coast of Norway, and with books like ‘Havneguiden 4 Bergen-Kirkenes’, ‘Norske kystperler’ and ‘High latitude sailing – How to sail the cold waters of the world’ under his belt, he has a lot to show for. A perfect day for Jon is a sailing trip with his hiking boots packed.





A local hero and a modern Viking who navigates by the stars


Eivind is from Sømna in Helgeland and is our social centre-point. Already at 17 he bought the classic regatta boat ‘Norna VIII’ together with Emil, and has been on a modern Viking raid to the Orkney Islands and Shetland ever since. Day to day Eivind develops trade relations between Norway and Africa, but he feels happiest in the kingdom of the midnight sun. Eivind is a founding member and has been with us since 2008.


Mari Sveen

Passionate regatta sailor, who only recently developed a love for leisure sailing north of Trondheim.

Mari is a seasoned dingy regatta enthusiast. In 2009 she took the leap into to larger boats. She discovered the joys of sailing for pure leisure in the beautiful north through SeilNorge, and is now firmly part of the team. A primary school teacher, she is accustomed to being patient and seriously adheres to the education Act, paragraph 1-3.


Kjell Erik

Photographer always on the hunt for a new adventure – avoiding urban areas

Kjell Erik is a tough cookie and a guy you can trust when the seas are rough. Experience gained through commuting to Afghanistan. Recent adventures include the Pacific and the Barents sea. As a photographer he has the eye for the inherent mysterious. He reckons new adventures are best found at sea, especially if you combine it with skiing and climbing.


Kim M

Danish caveman and stargazer – working in IT

Kim has sailed for years and covered the entire coastline of Scandinavia and Mediterranean. As a qualified instructor he loves sharing his knowledge and there is always room for error. Underway he’ll teach you the most important knots and star constellations.



Our northern ‘sailortramp’

Rocking the lipstick look, Anniken is a southerner with northern blood. She is passionate about the cold climate of the north, polar history and loves the contrasts nature has to offer. She is happiest at the helm, especially with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and the wind in her hair. In 2015 she set sail from Caribbean to Norway, via the Arctic. Anniken is educated as an Arctic nature guide and works as a skipper in Tromsø and Svalbard.


Jack Sparrow 

Will you be the next member of our team? We’re always on the lookout for great new people, be it skipper, crew, guide, hobby chef or jack of all trades, so don’t hesitate getting in contact with us!