Summer / Autumn

Here you'll find all our trips, expeditions and courses which we arrange in summer and autumn. A rich selection of different areas of our playground: The coast of Northern Norway!

July is our most hectic month with weekly trips along the Helgeland Coast, through Lofoten and to Tromsø, accompanied by many boats. These are active vacation-weeks where we sail northbound with the midnight sun, participate in regattas, ascend mountains, visit festivals, contribute to local culture and eat good food underway.

On all our summer-trips you'll learn to sail and you need no previous knowledge about sailing in order to accompany us on a trip! If you wish to join us for a sail course we offer this in May/June and also August/September. In the fall we also have expeditions to Svalbard, Iceland and Greenland.

Welcome onboard for an adventure with us this summer or fall!


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