Ski & Sail

Welcome to our Ski and Sail-adventures!

No matter if you're experienced or a beginner, we welcome you on board!

Many of the most spectacular skiing locations in the north are available only by boat, therefore we sail.

On our adventures we will explore and reach many of the most beautiful mountains, and in between we will experience great sailing on our way from spot to the other. Our Ski and Sail trips are for those who like the idea of alpine skiing and randonné in the untouched mountains of northern Norway. It's a trip for travellers wanting a more challenging holiday - for those of you who would like to experience something unique, wild, breathtaking and beautiful.

On board we have a professional ski guide with local knowledge, and together with the skipper, we go with the weather and try to find the best conditions possible. SeilNorge has arranged Ski and Sail trips in Helgeland, Steigen, Lofoten, Lyngen, Finnmark and Svalbard for many years, and we can guarantee an experience for a lifetime!


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