Sailing courses

Whether you want to be a skipper on your own boat or sail as a crew with others, our sailing courses will give you a very good starting point.

We offer both beginners courses where we start from scratch and advanced courses where we train on selected drills and exercises. We also offer pure skipper-courses. The courses are arranged primarily in Oslofjorden and northern Norway, but we also do courses other places on other boats upon request.

The pleasure of learning the art of sailing has been central to us in SeilNorge since we started. We are 10-12 skippers in the team, women and men, with a lot of experience from both cruising and regatta. In total we have had more than one thousand participants on our trips and courses, and we often get positive feedback regarding our ability to teach. We do not only teach you the technicals but also how you can use a boat to make the trip of your dreams become reality.

Welcome onboard for a sailing-course with us!


Join one of our sailing courses: