Tailor your own

In SailNorway we've spent many years developing what we mean are the best trip-experiences in Northern-Norway. In addition we've got sail courses in the Oslo Fjord and expeditions in arctic waters on our schedule.

But maybe you have your own dreamtrip?

And someone to share it with?

We've got multiple boats available and the opportunity to tailor a very special sailing trip for you - Just the way you want! Length, activities underway and route can be tailored - We'll provide the boat and the crew.


  • Maybe you want to celebrate a special anniversary and invite your close ones to a trip around Svalbard?

  • Or maybe you'd like to invite your friends to an alternative bachelorette party in the Oslofjord? ?


Take a look below or send us an email with some information regarding your wishes and we'll see you onboard!


You decide!